Thursday, October 29, 2015

"Vintage Heaven"

While in Atlanta's Little Five Points, my stumble across The Clothing Warehouse was most memorable. Because this visit was not planned, I was not sure what to expect. Upon entering the boutique, I stepped onto a cloud and was overtaken by the level of customer service displayed by the sales reps/personal stylist. I was greeted with very warm welcoming smiles that were translated as "welcome to vintage heaven". During my time spent browsing The Clothing Warehouse, I was educated on the history and function of several garments and accessories. I was privileged to meet the Goddess; the mind, visionary and store manager of this "Vintage Heaven" in the person of Erin Faulman. Upon our introduction by one of the store's stylist, our conversation began and could have gone on for many hours. Primarily speaking with Faulman about the whimsical d├ęcor of the store, the breath taking articles of fashion history neatly hung on the clothing racks and how it all amazed me as if it were an exhibit in a fashion museum. This experience lead me to rank The Clothing Warehouse a must see/must shop location while in Atlanta.


If you are ever in Atlanta, GA, go experience the wooing smiles, wall of boots and great vintage fashion in "Vintage Heaven"!

The Clothing Warehouse (Little Five Points)
420 Moreland Avenue
Atlanta, Georgia 30307

The Clothing Warehouse (Midtown)
999 Peachtree Street NE Suite 120
Atlanta, GA 30309

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Exclusive with Chris H. & Tony Veloz

What else is there to say about Chris Hernandez? Chris, known world wide as Chris H on Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model (CW network) is an extraordinary  model and comedian. This guys knowledge of of his craft as a model combined with his sense of humor produced an amazing day of shooting. Working with the incomparable photographer Tony Veloz on set has produced the story entitled "Hall of Style" ( styled by yours truly. 

Take a peek....

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Formerly Known As...

(Frankie Morello F/W 2013)

Graphic sweaters  to some have been and are recognized as "the ugly sweaters". Not really sure how this particular garment received such a name, but what I do know is if ugly  is what they are, then ugly is what many of style desire. It's noted that if an article of clothing does not meet personal standards of what's fashionably eye-catching, they voice their opinion and title it as such (ugly). In other words if sweater does not receive a notable grade on their fashion rector scale of style...ugly is the case that they gave it (laughter).  Style is simply a silent form of expression of ones current mood, besides "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder".  Fashion designers have reached back in time revisiting the designs of the "ugly sweater", using different textures, colors and characters to change the stereotypical name for sweaters. Lets enjoy a combination of qualities (color, shape, form, texture, messages, etc.) allowing our aesthetic senses to be pleased. When you're feeling fun, bubbly and overjoyed, don't verbalize it; show them as you pull out a graphic designed sweater that exudes your inner you. Just let your mood show!

Christopher Shannon f/w 2013
Givenchy f/w 2013
Frankie Morello f/w 2013

Iceberg w/2013

DSquared2 f/2013

Balmain w/2013

Willhelm Autumn f/w2013

Custo Barcelona 
The next time someone refers to your garment as "ugly", let them know it's "Formerly Known As"!!!

Monday, July 29, 2013

On the road

After a brief discussion with a friend/colleague about going on a road trip, we decided to hit the road! Our destination Atlanta, GA. While preparing for this journey, I decided to try to capture nature's beauty of the "Southern Hemisphere". While venturing south, the highway was the runway for natures "summer line". We sighted multiple objects that resembled portraits that you would look to find in magazines, advertising notable sites. This siting didn't just include the typical road kill, luxury cars and eye-catching billboards. This siting included; trees, living animals, rock formations, clouds, the sun and the moon.

The creator, also referred to as Mother Nature, has blessed this day of travel with a "sun kiss". No rain or no cloudy forecast. We were totally in awe of God's creations. We watched as the foul of the air soared with their beautiful wings spread wide thru the Virginia winds, exiting the branches of the trees that stood low and high. Their leaves were a beautiful shade of green that provided shade to keep the grazing animals cool from the rays of the sun . The clouds of the sky formed abstract shapes in numerous shades, thanks to how the sun rays beamed thru them. Speaking of the sun, the sun was the main attraction of this highway show. The sun also highlighted the distinctly sculptured buildings/skyscrapers  that we noticed while traveling thru West Virginia and Downtown Tennessee. 

After arriving into Georgia, we were greeted by what was considered the end of a two week consistent of rain. We're now preparing to unpack, get settled in and let the venturing begin!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

On the Block

When "great minds think alike" it shows! Uncoordinated color blocking for an afternoon inBaltimore's Little Italy.  

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

MAJA's Collection Open House/Fashion Show...Baltimore, MD

I have fallen in love with tribal inspired fashion. For me, I call it knowledge of cultural diversity; being aware and familiar with all the cultures that surround you. Don't just look, but touch and experience some of the best handcrafted accessories/garments from around the world. Amalgamate your traditional with tribal to produce a look that exemplifies the look of one who is conscious of world culture.

(Accessories photographed can be purchased @ Maja located 1744 Aliceanna St. Baltimore, MD 21231

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

In the "skin" of Men!

We have embarked upon fashion's new year and embraced fall/winter; anxious to show our readiness to express our inner style and display our strength. Once upon a time, in the land of the No Confidence,  it was not the norm for men to be seen in fur (real or faux). The versatility of fur causes a transcending effect from casual to evening, with very little adjustments needed to the garments in which it is adorned. Durability & Comfort are two of  it's known features, while being plush but yet warm. With the help of the world of fashion, designers have empowered their men's fall/winter lines with skins that reveal that inner power that demands the attention all. Men all across the nation have come to the conclusion that skin is in. This revolution of skin has developed another level of masculinity to be on display thru any and all garments including; blazers, coats, pants, boots, hats, gloves and scarves. As mother nature continues to be unpredictable with the weather conditions, prepare for the inclimate weather with a purchase of fur. Remember garments do not  produce masculinity, but your mannerisms will.

Men be confident and feel comfortable in the skin you're in while displaying your style in your "Men's Skins"!